Trichterfalle Venus Flytrap

Trichterfalle Venus Flytrap

Trichterfalle is a visually astounding Venus flytrap. Some of its leaves will form cup-shaped traps on the end of small 'stem-like' extensions on its leaves. The leaves themselves will sometimes form very rough surfaces which are extremely uncommon in any other flytrap cultivar. There are so many unique and interesting things going on with this plant! It is a must-have for collectors!  Not all leaves of trichterfalle will grow its unique traps. Sometimes, most of its leaves and traps will be similar to typical flytraps. Trichterfalle is a small to medium sized flytrap when fully grown.

  • Care

    Simply, a Venus flytrap should be kept outdoors in a shallow tray of distilled water in full sun. Feeding a Venus flytrap is not necessary. See our Care Guides for more detailed informaton.

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