Mirror Venus Flytrap

Mirror Venus Flytrap

The Mirror Venus flytrap is one of the most unique flytraps you can own.  Mature plants often produce traps with a second trap growing directly out the back of the main trap.  Traps also may grow two smaller traps laterally out of their sides.  While not every trap that mirror produces exhibits the mirror trait, mature plants will usually have at least one trap that displays the mirror trait for much of the growing season.  Mirror is a hardy flytrap that grows to average size.


NOTE: Mirror flytraps do not have mirror traps all the time. If your plant does not currently have any mirror traps, be patient!

  • Care

    Simply, a Venus flytrap should be kept outdoors in a shallow tray of distilled water in full sun. Feeding a Venus flytrap is not necessary. See our Care Guides for more detailed informaton.

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