Indoor Light Kit for Small Venus Flytrap (Plant Not Included)

Indoor Light Kit for Small Venus Flytrap (Plant Not Included)

This kit includes a USB light containing 6 ultra-bright LEDs with a color spectrum that plants love. The grow light should be placed extremely close to the plant, as pictured.  

Unlike most LED grow lights, This one does not have red and blue LEDs.  It will not bathe your plant's space in a blinding and unsightly purple light.  This light is the aesthetic choice!

The light features touch on/off. Similar to other LED grow lights with digital on/off, this light cannot be used with a timer.

These lights work wonderfully for our little Venus flytraps, which are full-sun plants. So these lights should work well for any small plants. Just be sure to place it very close to the plant!

This listing includes:

    USB Extension cable, 6-foot, white (you provide wall adapter)
    USB LED Light, 6-LEDs, 6000k color temperature
    Cube light stand, bendable, white with gator clip
    (Plant not included)

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