Defused Venus Flytrap

Defused Venus Flytrap

The Defused Venus flytrap is a menacing plant with short, jagged teeth. It is a hardy grower and grows full-size. This plant was derived from a Fused Tooth plant (seen in last photo), but no longer expresses the fused trait, henceforth we have renamed it "Defused." Whether it has lost this trait through tissue culturing or just inherent instability of the trait, we can't be sure. The original Fused Tooth plant that it came from had fused traps when we got it, but it never grew any new fused traps. Though Defused may resemble a Sawtooth or a Piranha flytrap, it is genetically NOT and we take our genetics very seriously!


It may or may not express the fused trait in the future. To understand more about how organisms with identical genetics can express different traits, we suggest reading about 'epigenetics' and/or 'heterochromatin.'

  • Care

    Simply, a Venus flytrap should be kept outdoors in a shallow tray of distilled water in full sun. Feeding a Venus flytrap is not necessary. See our Care Guides for more detailed informaton.

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