Korean Melody Shark Venus Flytrap

Korean Melody Shark Venus Flytrap

The Korean Melody Shark Venus flytrap is another must-have for any serious collector.  Simply because there is not another flytrap that looks anywhere near it.  Having the appearance of music notes (with shark teeth – sorry, no laser beams!), this flytrap truly stands alone.  It is a smaller and somewhat delicate flytrap which can be less forgiving than some other varieties. In full sun, Korean Melody Shark will turn somewhat red, but won’t develop the deep red seen in other flytraps.  Add this spectacle to your collection today!

  • Care

    Simply, a Venus flytrap should be kept outdoors in a shallow tray of distilled water in full sun. Feeding a Venus flytrap is not necessary. See our Care Guides for more detailed informaton.

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