B52 Venus Flytrap

B52 Venus Flytrap

The B52 Venus flytrap can grow the largest traps of any Venus flytrap. In full sun, its traps’ interiors can also turn a very deep, beautiful red. Occasionally, the cilia (teeth) also turn red, resulting in one imposing looking carnivorous plant! The B52 is also a large flytrap overall, with fully grown plants commonly spanning five to six inches across. The B52 truly is the king of the flytraps. If you only want to own one flytrap, it should be this one. We consider it the model flytrap, period. Long live the king.

  • Care

    Simply, a Venus flytrap should be kept outdoors in a shallow tray of distilled water in full sun. Feeding a Venus flytrap is not necessary. See our Care Guides for more detailed informaton.

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