Apothecary Venus Flytrap Grow Kit

Apothecary Venus Flytrap Grow Kit

Wrap it! Ship it! Gift it! - Can live in its bottle for months! Get your Venus flytrap fix in the winter when others are in dormancy then plant it into the included pot and soil and enjoy for years to come!

This Venus flytrap grow kit is the only one that includes a LIVE flytrap!  Our Apothecary flytraps (mini-flytraps in a mini-bottle) are grown in sterile tissue culture at our on-site laboratory.  The Apothecary flytrap is maintenance free while in its bottle (for up to 8 months!) and makes the perfect gift (even in the middle of winter!) for the plant lover in your life.

1) Your Apothecary flytrap lives in a sealed bottle.  It won't need water, sunlight or insects while it lives in its bottle. Bright indoor lighting will be sufficient.  Do not open the bottle until ready to pot.  The bottle is sterile. If you open the bottle, you may contaminate the gel.

2) Your flytrap can grow in its bottle for up to 8 months, possibly longer.  No one can fully predict how each plant will behave.

3) When it outgrows its bottle or has used up all of its gel food, you will be able to plant it into the included pot/soil and enjoy your flytrap for years to come.  To do this successfully watch our how-to video at: youtu.be/zNxq0z1mYJIv

4) Avoid behaviors that can contaminate the seal and cork, such as children carrying the bottle around in their pocket day after day.

5) Some older traps will turn brown and die off as newer growth replaces them, this is normal and is not a sign that something is wrong.

6) Once planted, care for your plant as a normal flytrap. Learn more about flytrap care at:

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